The idea for Kind of Folk sprouted from the desire to help preserve and reinvent aspects of traditional folklore and folktales for fun, fresh and sustainable childrens items.

We’re your Kind of Folk!

Hi there, I’m Anouk, a designer based in the Dutch countryside. Even though I grew up here as a kid, when I got older I couldn’t wait to escape to the city with its fast life and multitude of choices. As a design student in Amsterdam however, the romance of the countryside kept pulling me back – for my thesis I researched the different pace of emancipation of women in rural areas compared to their city-sisters and I was amazed at the pride that is taken in the traditions set out for them by their mothers and grandmothers.

A few years ago, as a young mom, I couldn’t wait to get back to my beloved countryside to make sure my daughter grows up in fresh, clean air, appreciating that milk doesn’t come from a carton (no, it really doesn’t!), growing her own vegetables and learning to understand and value the traditions and the stories of the region. The craft of traditional dress will slowly fade with every new generation, but it will never disappear completely. It will survive in its stories, its folktales, in the eye for detail, the pride taken in handmade products and the beauty of its materials. 

For information or other questions, e-mail me at info(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)kindoffolk.com